Venice the jewel of the Italian continent, the city that appears to float on
water. The beautiful St. Mark’s Square, the glistening waters as the
gondoliers’ steer their magnificent boats along the narrow canals. The
excitement as you explore each narrow cobblestone alley, not knowing
where you will end up.
The shouts of Italian from passers-by, the smell of espresso as you pass
quaint little cafes. Let the top note of rosemary and the heart note of
cinnamon lifted by the base notes of patchouli and ginger let you
reminisce of the charm and wonder that is the city of Venice.

Venice in a Tin Soy Candle

  • When first lighting, burn your candle until the melted wax pool has reached the edges of the tin. This sets the memory of the candle ensuring an even burn every time. Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
    Always trim your wick before each burn. 

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