The Story........

The ‘Wild Atlantic’- is a magical, breathtaking  journey that takes you from the top of Malin Head in Co. Donegal ,winding its way along the West Coast ,to end in Co. Cork.   Each county en route showcases beautiful rugged landscapes, fantastic palates of colour, loud acoustic waves and soft sandy beaches. Close your eyes and let the top note of Mandarin, the heart note of Cyclamen and the base note of Patchouli ,take you on that 2,500Km journey of coastal road

The Wild Atlantic - Soy Travel Tin

  • An uplifting fresh scent of the Sea !

    I am 100% Natural Organic Soy wax. My wick is cotton core. I am infused with a unique blend of Perfume and essential oils. I have a top note of Mandarin, a heart note of Cyclamen, and a base note of Patchouli.

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