• Bernice Cooke

The Story Behind every Soy Candle

When I began my candle journey over ten years ago, I always dreamed of the day when I would find my little niche in such a well-known market. To make an impact on such a popular product I had to start thinking outside the box.

Rewind to over 4 years ago when I was creating paraffin art souvenir candles, an iconic person, place or landscape, be it an old house, castle, a poet or playwright, each image was created on my easel and then transferred onto one of my many hand made candles.

It was at Showcase in the RDS in Dublin where we secured our first major client, but the specifics of the order were square, with their own images, and so began weeks of putting together prototypes for our client and my journey truly began. Deadlines had to be met, follow up's, emails, phone calls and meetings until the product was correct and our client was happy to proceed, fast forward four years and we still have the same happy client. But it got me thinking as to using natural soy wax and how I could incorporate my original artwork with a fragrance, could there be a story lurking in my thought process, could this actually work.

So I began with a general range of images, The Wild Atlantic, Irish Loughs and Lakes, An Irish Garden, The College Reading Room and The Wilds of Ireland. Each of the images was my own original artwork, but I needed a story to match. So back to the drawing board or the research table, I learnt all about scent, fragrances, notes, top, middle and base notes, I discovered that scent is a memory and that our sense of smell is powerful, it can trigger either a positive or negative memory.

I took a trip to France and to Grasse the capital of perfumery, and I soaked in as much knowledge as I could, combining and investigating the use of different notes to create a bespoke fragrance.

When I returned to my studio, I now had my ammunition to began creating the stories for each of the images I had created and that is how my general range of uniquely scented art souvenir soy wax candles was born.

The next step was to expand on that idea and offer Retailers something different to what is already on their shelves. For a minimum order quantity of 50 travel tins, large and small, I design and create an image with a bespoke fragrance to match, this ensures that every client has a candle that tells their story.

Since the beginning of this year Canvas to Candle headquarters is busy creating a portfolio of different unique bespoke one of a kind travel tin soy candles for each of our clients. If you are a retailer or have a business that you think may benefit from a collaboration with us, please do get in touch, no job is too big or too small. Email us at

Or phone us on 0871126443

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