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Show me the love.........

Yes show me the love, we are all loved up for the month of February, Valentine's day falls on the 14th as if you need reminding.

But where did the day originate?

Valentine was a roman priest living around the time of the rule of Emperor Claudius who persecuted the church. Claudius also had a rule that no young couple could be married, due to the fact that he believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married ones.

Valentine encouraged young couples to marry in secret, which eventually led to his capture, torture and imprisonment for going against the ruling of Emperor Claudius.

Legend has it that Valentine performed many miracles while in captivity, one of those miracles was for a judge named Asterius whose daughter was blind, by praying over her he was said to have cured her blindness.

In 269 AD Valentine was executed, one of his final letters was to Asterius' daughter, which he signed "from your Valentine"

Whitefriars Street Church in Dublin claims to house the remains of St. Valentine who was martyred and buried at a Christian ceremony on the 14th of February in Rome.

Since then St. Valentine's day has changed, even though people still visit the relics in Whitefriars Street Church, there is more emphasis on flowers namely roses, cards, jewellery, chocolates etc than the true meaning of the day, which is to celebrate a man that sacrificed his life for the sake of love and the marriage of young couples in secret.

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