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Run run run......

I love to walk, whether its a hike up a mountain with a picnic, the dogs and the kids or the stillness and peacefulness of the local forest park its good for the soul. I used to run, many many years ago, I would run 5k that was my distance, but then one day I fell out of love with running. I stopped enjoying it, each 5k became a competition against the clock, I was pushing myself too hard to a point where I eventually started hating it.

Then I stopped, and decided walking was way nicer, I didn't get injured and everyone could join in, the husband, the dogs and the kids. Until last year.........

A few runners got together in the local town and organised a park run. Park run is a free timed run/walk every Saturday morning at 9.30 am, ours is the Forest Park and the distance is 5k, run by volunteers it is a great way to get outdoors and meet new people. I signed up, to volunteer and to walk it.

I was aware that my youngest is not very active, he's not a fan of GAA and you won't see him kicking a ball, I asked him if he would like to sign up for park run, explaining that he didn't have to run, he could walk.

Well I can safely say, he is the reason that I found my passion again for running, especially long distance. His positive attitude and his spirit while he runs is enough to carry a tired body around a 10k trail.

When he arrived at his first park run, he didn't want to walk it, he wanted to run, and he hasn't stopped yet, he has completed three 10k runs this year and he has reached his first achievement of completing 10 park run's since he began.

Trail running

We both share a love of trail running, it's the best buzz, running among the tree's. We mix up our runs each week by combining road running, with hill running and trail running.

He knows his limits and when he is tired he doesn't run.

Running for us is like a drug, we get a runners high after every event we complete often lasting for days. It's not about time, we are both never going to be world record holders, but it's the sense of achievement of finishing a long distance run, to know that we are fit, healthy and enjoying the outdoors, hail rain or sunshine.

Their are many perks of running, its free, you can run anywhere, it's a great way to clear the head my sister's favorite saying is 'run the demons out of your head'. I have lost weight and most importantly we both feel good.

A run among the trees

We like to set ourselves goals every couple of months regarding distance, our next goal is finishing a half marathon next this space.

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