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November..... A time to pause and reflect before Christmas

I find the month of November a difficult month to get through. For me its the short days and long cold nights, I find it difficult for my body clock to adjust to the change from Autumn to Winter. I love the outdoors and I dislike the fact that the days are shorter and the light begins to fade at around 3pm, not good when you are trying to paint and you need good light.

So I have begun to use the month of November as a time to pause and reflect on the previous busy months of Spring and Summer, when the days seem never ending and I always have numerous amounts of orders to fill and new products to create.

November is a time for me to catch my breath and organise my work space for the busy weeks of December and January.

A walk in the forest to quieten the mind

I use the best of the daylight to my advantage by changing around my work schedule. Mornings are for getting out and about for a run or a walk, followed by some art work, then the candle production begins. As soon as the light diminishes its time to catch up on all my paperwork, emails, phone calls and social media posts, I do this in front of a roaring open fire with a few of my favourite candles dotted around to create a cosy and relaxing work space. I also do my best to get to bed early each night and turn off all electronic devices (laptops, phones, tablets etc) at 6pm each evening.

By making all these small adjustments at the beginning of the month I have found that the weeks have flown by so fast that I can hardly believe that it is the end of the month and I am writing my monthly blog.

I am now all set for the busy weeks before Christmas and the annual preparations for our trip to Showcase in January 2019.

What rituals have you created for the month of November?

The banks of the river Shannon on a Winters day

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